As the Golden Apple Turns

bits from the life and mind of Josh Jackson a.k.a. Pope Turing I, The Walrus

Josh Jackson
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I run a small intentional community called the House of Discord. We currently occupy an idiosyncratic 5/4/4 in the Texas medical center.

I also have a computer business. I have big plans for the future, but for now at least it pays the bills.

I am The Walrus.
23, 2600, 5, 93, agamy, chaos, cognitive science, discordian intentional communities, egyptian religion, entheogens, epistemology, esoterica, ex-catholics, giant squid, goth, hand of eris, home-brewed linux, homemade electroencephalographs, i am the walrus, jubal harshaw, mortuary cannibalism, non-aristotelian logic, pturing, public key encryption, pyrrhonian skepticism, raja yoga, re-carnations, regular expressions, reiki, s.p.o.o.k., scientific illuminism, serial heresy, strange drugs, teledildonics, throwing infamous parties, transhumanism-on-the-cheap, used books, weltanschauung